At the end of the day, only quality can persuade customers

The main ingredient of the Hermann is the king oyster mushroom, an edible mushroom which is not very prevalent in this country. To have an adequate amount available, and in the best organic quality, Thomas Neuburger set up his own mushroom cultivation. We don’t give our mushrooms pet names, but cultivating mushrooms is still a very laborious manual task. Labour which is worthwhile. And the proof is in the taste.

It contains everything you find around it

The surroundings and the environment certainly have a great deal of influence on our thoughts and actions. This also applies to business and entrepreneurial decisions. The nature surrounding Ulrichsberg, the forests, the meadows, the water, the air here in the outskirts of Mühlviertel, where the Neuburgers have lived for generations, have been and still are formative. Some say that nature is somewhat without compromise – and so are we.

At home in beautiful Mühlviertel

You have to take the first step at some point, albeit very small

Of course, all food production has an influence on the environment. This isn’t a question of completely avoiding this influence, rather about producing food in harmony with nature. In specific terms, this means keeping our transport routes as short as possible, generating as little waste as possible, minimising our use of water and energy, using regional ingredients, making ourselves an attractive employer for local people, and more. These are small steps. But if you add them together, you can make a path.

Do you love meat? You’ll love Hermann

Neuburger has caused a little sensation – you can say this without exaggeration. Because Hermann is an alternative to meat which fulfils requirements which were deemed irreconcilable before now. Hermann is an intensive taste sensation, Hermann has a consistency and texture typical of meat, Hermann contains no additives. And perhaps the most important thing: Hermann is produced without technical processes such as extrusion. So just as we would all do it in our own kitchens. With Hermann, you can do without meat if you want, whenever you want, you won’t even notice. But the environment and animals will.

Active climate protection

Sustainability and conserving resources are central company aims of NEUBURGER FLEISCHLOS GMBH. In cooperation with the ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria), the separated collection, recovery and disposal of packaging waste is encouraged and practised in the ARA system. That is how NEUBURGER FLEISCHLOS GMBH is able to save over 25 tons of CO2 per year and make an active contribution to environmental protection. As well as this, NEUBURGER FLEISCHLOS GMBH fulfil the requirements of the packaging directive. Costumers and consumers alike benefit from the close cooperation between ARA and NEUBURGER FLEISCHLOS GMBH. You can rely on ARA’s waste disposal possibilities.