At the end of the day, only quality can persuade customers

The main ingredient of HERMANN is the King Oyster Mushroom, which we had to get acquainted with at first as it is not very common in Austria. On a constant quest for exceptional organic quality, it soon dawned on Thomas Neuburger that he has to farm these particular fungi himself. Growing King Oyster Mushrooms involves intense manual labour that cannot be done by robots. We believe in the power that lies in human hands and the taste is absolutely worth it.

Eat with all of your senses

Our surroundings and environment certainly have a great deal of influence on our thoughts and actions. This also applies very much to how we conduct business. The nature surrounding Ulrichsberg, the forests, the meadows, the water, the air here in the outskirts of Mühlviertel, where the Neuburgers have been living for generations, have been and still are formative. Some say nature knows no compromises – and neither do we.

Mühlviertel – Our beautiful home

The first step is always the most challenging, no matter how small it might be

We know that any kind of food production has an impact on our environment. As we cannot completely avoid leaving a mark, it is crucial to produce our HERMANN range in harmony with nature. We are keeping our transport routes as short as possible, generating as little waste as possible, minimising our use of water and energy, using regional ingredients, making ourselves an attractive employer for local people, amongst many other things. We know that all of these are small steps. But if you add them together, you can create a path.

You are a meat lover? Then you’ll love HERMANN

HERMANN is an alternative to meat that combines the best of both worlds and creates something entirely new – and delicious! HERMANN is an intense taste experience, HERMANN has a texture and mouthfeel just like meat, HERMANN contains no additives. And perhaps the most important thing: HERMANN is made without highly industrialized processes such as extrusion. With HERMANN, you can now cut back on meat whenever you need to, and you won´t even realize it. But the environment and animals will – and they will thank you for it!

Climate Action

Sustainability and conservation of resources are at the core of what we belive in at NEUBURGER FLEISCHLOS GMBH. In cooperation with the ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria), we are sorting, recycling and disposing of all packaging waste according to their strict guidelines. That is how NEUBURGER FLEISCHLOS GMBH is able to save over 25 tons of CO2 per year and one of the many steps we take towards environmental protection. NEUBURGER FLEISCHLOS GMBH also fulfils all the requirements of the Austrian Packaging Directive.