With few
prepared in a completely
natural way.


There are big words in circulation: awareness, consciousness, simplicity …
Everywhere we go, we are called upon, demanded and taught, our eyes are opened to our responsibility. Now, in light of the state of the world and our environment, this is also completely justified. Actually, it is even necessary.

But, and this is perhaps the small difference, instead of passing on the responsibility to you, we have decided to take responsibility ourselves first of all. Downright carelessly, we have all put our economical and tradition and habit-related arguments to the side as excuses, and started to sound out the big words for their possibilities.

Let’s take simplicity as an example. In our view, it is not enough to declare simplicity in our marketing and put a simply prepared product on the shelves. The simple, “the honest”, starts with us – in production. This is why HERMANN products are produced in such a simple way, so that practically anyone could produce them alone in any regularly equipped kitchen.

For this, all you need is a knife, a food processor, a mincer, a tin mould, an oven, stove and pan. We can find these things in practically every kitchen. Ours are just a little bigger. However, something else that only we have is the HERMANN secret recipe. And it took us a lot of work, endless hours, days and nights of doubt, countless failed attempts and new tests again and again. Simplicity is also always the hardest thing.

Unparalleled taste without tricks and chemistry.

It is an unbelievably difficult thing to produce meat-free products without any technical or chemical aids and tricks. And for the result to taste as good as its meat-based models is just about impossible, which is why almost all the others use tricks and chemistry. Not us! But it is a question of this unparalleled meaty taste exactly. In Japan, a unique taste quality was also discovered which was called “umami” – and this is what we wanted to achieve. We wanted people to get an appetite for plant-based umami, and therefore eat less meat, and to like it.

In the 5 years of our development work, we failed at least once every week. The bond wasn’t strong enough, the bite was too soft, suddenly there was an unwanted after-taste – the smaller and greater difficulties didn’t seem to end. But Hermann Neuburger had very clear ideas about both production and taste – and his team were tireless.

Handmade quality products.

Success always needs luck and quite often it was the absurd ideas which led us to the desired solutions. In the test kitchen, we often heard the sighs: “That won’t work.” And the echo was always: “Let’s try it.” So we spent years in our test kitchen (with precisely those kitchen appliances that you see in the pictures), tinkering and testing until we were finally satisfied – with HERMANN! A product of handmade quality.

Today, our large production facility is in operation, as well as our small test kitchen, which also continues to be in operation almost every day. Because we are not satisfied merely with what we have achieved. We still have to iron out a few taste nuances and, of course, we are always working on new HERMANN products.