fan mail.

We are always receiving mail.
Many are impressed by the
incomparable HERMANN taste.

Thanks to all HERMANN consumers who have allowed us to publish their email texts here.

Dear HERMANN team,
We tried your sausage product and are impressed. Finally, something I can use to score points at barbecues with friends.

Greetings from Erlangen
Werner N.

My wife and I are enthusiastic eaters of meat and sausage (and our Austrian fast food, such as frankfurters, debrecener, bratwurst, käsekrainer, etc.). We just tried your cheese sausage and oh my, that was an experience. We now definitely want to try your sausages and have unanimously decided to switch to your products in the future. We are about as far away from vegetarianism as the earth is from the moon, but with this taste, we can confidently do without meat of dubious origin. When developing new products in this direction (frankfurters, debrecener), you are welcome to use us as tasters.

Josef T. from Linz

Dear sir or madam!

Hello, dear HERMANNs!
A warm hello from Poing and thank you. I really have to say it so freely. My fiancé works in an organic supermarket in Poing and knows my affinity with good food all too well. Last week, he brought me some of your strips to try. To be honest: Some of it didn’t even make it to the pan. We tried some bites already when they were still raw.
It’s absolutely crazy! Fried with vegetables and served with rice – this evening meal will definitely feature again. I am excited to try the other products.
It reminded me a little of a boiled sausage, in terms of both taste and consistency, and I just didn’t want to stop eating.
I am excited to see which flavour explosions your other products will trigger for me.
It’s great that “convenience” can be so good, so sustainable, so tasty and so well thought out.

A declaration of love to my food heroes <3
Jasmin J.

Dear sir or madam!
I would like to declare my praise for your projects. Thanks to you, having a barbecue is fun again, even as a vegetarian. In terms of consistency and above all in taste, they are beyond comparison to the soya products you can buy! Thank you for these long-awaited products!
Carry on, I hope you have more to come … meatballs

Yours sincerely,
Katrin Sch.

Dear Neuburgers,
My husband and I became aware of HERMANN products through the TV programme “Am Schauplatz-Der hohe Preis fürs Billigfleisch” and the very next day, swapped our otherwise regular organic chicken fillet for your meat-free strips … and we were delighted (we have always loved king oyster mushrooms).
Finally, an Austrian meat-free organic product without soya (soya allergy), without additives, without flavourings and without preservatives.
Today, we tried the barbecue sausages. It’s a shame that we only bought one packet.
We simply had to tell you that we will be adding HERMANN to our meal plan on a regular basis, and we can finally eat sausages with an easy conscience.

Thomas & Denise D. from Graz

Thank you so much for your meat-free products! For reasons of conscience, I would love to be a vegetarian and so decided to try out many alternatives to meat. As I really love the taste of meat and sausages, and can’t / don’t want to do without them, I have already tried out many alternative products, but didn’t find anything that I could live with in the long term. Your products from “HERMANN” are finally what I have been looking for in vain. Thank you! I would love it if you would keep expanding the “HERMANN” product range.

Yours sincerely,
Karin B.

My darlings!
Just brilliant!!
Finally a meat replacement that tastes like meat. You are the future!
Thank you for this dedication to our planet. Your products are a real life-saver for me and my three children, who don’t eat meat for moral reasons, yet often have a really hard time with it.
It is especially important for my children to know that there are people who are working on a solution, because this gives them a lot of hope.
So, your product is not just a meat replacement, it is a strong symbol for a better future.

Thanks for this
Simone, Marc, Leni & Luisa

Carry on!
I tasted my first packet of HERMANN barbecue sausages last week because of the ORF report – and I am thrilled.
And this in spite of me being a self-confessed carnivore, but one who wants to reduce the consumption of meat.
Your product tastes amazing! Thank you for this worthwhile alternative.

Greetings from Salzburg/Eugendorf

Not long ago, I was shopping at Interspar Neu-Rum, and a nice young man asked me if I would like to try something new.
I tried it and he asked me how I found it. “There aren’t enough herbs and spices inside for a sausage”, I answered. Then, the young man told me that this was a meat-free sausage and it was made out of mushrooms. I was speechless and told him, they taste good for the fact that the sausage is made from mushrooms. He told me about your new product, and I have to say: Bravo!
Dear Mr Neuburger, you have achieved something fantastic! You rarely find something without additives, etc. That means a lot to me.
The kind man gave me a trial packet, and I served them to my husband and son to let them taste. They were also very pleasantly surprised at how good they tasted.
We are a very big family and started to eat in a more conscious and healthy way in the 80s. And now, thanks to you, we have something really great to expand our meal plan!
I would like to wish you and your family good luck, success and happiness with your new creations. You will see that this has a future.

All the best,
Warm wishes from Tirol

We are self-confessed carnivores and sausage-lovers – with a preference for the best organic quality! But the thing you have achieved here is so great that we will certainly be eating more of your products in the future than normal meat products.
We can’t work out how you’ve done it!!!
The low fat content in combination with this consistency is almost unbelievable, not to mention the taste! Thank you for these products!

Yours sincerely,
Barbara and Rudolf K.

As a non-vegetarian, today, I ate the HERMANN meat-free strips for the first time and must pay you and your team a compliment for the fantastic taste. It tasted excellent.

Yours sincerely,
Lucia W.

Today, I tried your new meat-free cheese sausages. I’m so impressed!! Wow!! Such a great taste sensation!
Although the pair of sausages (with bread, mustard and salad) was almost too much, it didn’t feel heavy on my stomach. But I just couldn’t stop … and that it doesn’t contain wheat is also perfect, as I have a wheat allergy.
Unfortunately, this means that many veggie products are not an option for me. I hope that I will find your product in the supermarket.

Best wishes, Susanne F. from Payerbach

I have to write to you as I am really impressed by your HERMANN products.
The cheese sausage is finally a delicious replacement for the animal-based Käsekrainer.
The barbecue sausages are a dream when prepared as bosna. The strips are a great replacement for meat.
I am pleased to have tried out your HERMANN range. I don’t eat meat and have never enjoyed the vegetarian alternatives.
Thanks to your products, I can expand my meal plan.
Please keep doing what you’re doing – I’m recommending you to everyone – because good quality with a good conscience should be spread.
All the best, and I hope you have many new ideas!

Animal-friendly greetings
Christine S. from Puch