Only one person is doing without here – and that’s us, as the producer

We are avoiding the use of any additives, E numbers and flavourings in our production, and also any of the usual technical tricks. And we are avoiding the use of preservatives! This is why HERMANN products need special protection. Over recent years, we have developed a new packaging where we were able to significantly reduce the proportion of plastic. This packaging is made from recyclable raw materials.

The others must also meet our standards

Very consciously, we are producing products which are an alternative to meat. So we only use animal products which come from farming which we can advocate. This is why we only work with suppliers who meet our standards exactly. The chicken egg white, which we require for the texture and mouthfeel of our products, comes from organic chicken farms which are monitored according to the stringent requirements of BIO AUSTRIA. Each chicken has an area of at least 10 m2 to move about and no male chickens have to die. And the cheese that we use was produced from milk from controlled organic cultivation. We need this much consistency.