Our Vision.

You never need to choose between great taste and healthy ingredients ever again.

Meat alternatives are meant to enrich your diet, not restrict it. And why do meat alternatives still need to look like meat, anyway?

We not only reimagined alternatives – we remade them: From nothing but natural organic ingredients that you’re familiar with and can pronounce. A vegetarian alternative based on King Oyster Mushrooms.

With the new Fungi Pad®, we introduce the Meat Alternative 2.0 – from which you can create any dish you would make with meat. A real alternative for a more positive future for people, animals, and Mother Earth.

is Fungi.

About the Pad


Goodbye meat.
Hello Fungi.

We consume more meat today than ever before in human history. This is not good for anyone. Not for us humans. Not for animals. Not for Mother Nature.

With the Fungi Pad®, we want to offer the antidote to the excessive meat consumption of our time.

We truly believe that mushrooms will play a key role in the future to solve many of our current nutrition problems faster and more sustainably.

The Mushroom Pioneers behind the Fungi Pad®
Thomas & Hermann Neuburger

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