The license
to enjoy

The license
to enjoy

Just 5 ingredients

King oyster mushroom, rice, chicken egg, vegetable oil, salt, seasoning & nothing else.
Perfect taste in organic quality. No additives, preservatives or flavourings.

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The solution to a question of our time

Consuming too much meat is damaging our environment and health. As a meat producer, Hermann Neuburger recognises his responsibility to create an alternative to meat. This is why he has developed HERMANN together with his son, Thomas. 5 years of research and development led them to the king oyster mushroom – the secret to the taste and the main ingredient of HERMANN.

From Mühlviertel into the world

In Mühlviertel, rivalries, change and competition are not the focus. Here, we work on mutual benefit, sticking together, maintaining cooperation and learning from one another. In this way, products of a special quality are created which impress the outside world.

A project for the environment